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welders for sale Answered

THE VERY BEST HOME MADE WELDER this is the best welder, its so good that I would like to offer, to build one for you. look at the photos, the photos are not the best, but they show the basic setup, when I send it to you it will come in a metal box like any other store bought welder, I WILL ONLY SHIP THE BEST, this welder can weld up to half inch, with good penetration, NOT A TOY ...... there's also a picture I had drawn up for you to so you know I want it to look like. also I would like to tell you that since I am building a box for mine, I think that building another , at the same time would be best, thats why I have waited, do remember I ONLY SHIP THE BEST TO YOU! THE PRICE IS $70 DOLLARS if you think thats too much, go look at welders at a store, that can do as much as this one! then you'll know this is a very good deal! IMPORTANT this welder uses 3/32 welding rods,I will send you some rods so you can have some fun as soon as you get it , it can be modified to work with 1/8 rods , just buy adding another transformer, tell me what you think, at KNOWHOWDANIEL@YAHOO.COM and thats not capitalized if you don't think it possible I will LAUGH! AT YOU! HA written by Daniel Rosenthal Experimenter, scientist, etc.......



10 years ago

I am a welder,off and on since 1977 i am currently going back to school for my certificate.anyhow i am interested in knowing if you could build a welder with more punch to it,i currently have a small mig and a 180Amp stick 220v.i use mostly 1/8--6011 and or 7018.can you build one with a 60% duty cycle? and how is the warranty on your devices?any information would be helpfull.would need a box or cabinet for the internal parts.


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hey, i have been waiting or have you been waiting for me to reply,