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were can i meet people online that have the same intrests as me? Answered

Well ever since iv started home schooling I only have 4 or 5 friends that i talk to and there getting old (not that i wanna get rid of them).But they get boring and iv been googling for hour and cant find anything i just wanna find a place(not myspace facebook or any main stream social networking site) were i can meet people that like the same kinda stuff that i do e.g games movies proggraming computer hardware modding so on and so forth so please any answers would be appriciated



Best Answer 10 years ago

Are you on Blogger? Or do you have a google account? If you do log in to blogger and go into your profile and click on one of your intersets it will come up with people that have the same. Hope it works for u PS I used to be a Homeschooler!


9 years ago

 This will sound weird but try Runescape. thats where i met my girlfreind LOL


10 years ago

There are plenty of forums for stuff like that where you can meet people and make internet friends. Such as.... instructables' forum, for one. Do searches for stuff you like and include "forum" in the search string.