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what apps should i get? Answered

what are the best apps you all think are best in the app store.

so i can get good apps on my itouch.


The best way to get apps is to JAILBREAK YOUR I DEVICE then get installous from hackulous.us (has to been done in cydia) if you want direction on how to do this send me a message


8 years ago

First of all, what type of gaming are you into- hardcore, arcade, 2d games, easy to learn games, games to just pick up and play, etc.

As for apps themselves- Angry Birds is a must. It has some 130+ levels I think (and it gets updated pretty often). For .99 its a good deal. If youre into racing, real racing is a good app, but somewhat challenging (I am horrible at it... Some are much better), but Asphalt 5 is good (they released Asphalt 6 not too long ago too). The Need For Speed app series is also good, but I have not personally tried all 3.

Also, a lot of apps can be gained for free. Most of my app library is free apps, or on sale apps. Mega jump is good (free as of now), and Lima Sky has a version like doodle jump called Hop that is pretty good for free. Sometimes you can get apps for a steal- I got all 3 NFS apps for $.99 each, as opposed to 5$ each on a Black Friday deal. Most deals are not that extreme, but it helps to look for some anyways. Comment back on what games you like and I might be able to recommend more! :) Good luck- Astroboy907


Answer 8 years ago

I haven't been able to find Mega Jump on the App Store. Do you have to jailbreak your iPod to get it? Also, Gravity Guy is a pretty good app, as you can get the lite or paid version ($.99) and it gets quite challenging.


8 years ago

It all depends on what you want to do.
If you're into games, above answer provides some nice recommendations.

I'm probably just too old for games (well, I have Gianna sisters which I know from when I was at the age of 12 -14, and doodlefit).

I mostly use my iDevices for reading and surfing the web. A good one to start for reading (without being tied to any store) is good reader. To improve my reading speed, I'm using quick reader.
I also have a pedometer for fitness.

There are just so many apps you can get...

If you'd specify what your interests are, the hit rate for answers will give much better results.