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what are great ways to make a cubby house into a nerf fort and how can i build a good nerf fort Answered



8 years ago

whoops forgot to give you the link to the thing i recomend

these interlock in the same way, but are for not the toy ones i meant, i couldnt find any images on google, sorry


8 years ago

well, i would first ask you what kind of cubby house is it, if it is a wooden miniature house, i would suggest cutting two sets of holes in the walls, one at eye level, and another at above waist level to hold your nerf gun out of.

also, i would suggest in covering the whole thing, required that the outer walls are completely flat, with some kind of smooth material like plastic sheet, or ,.........

for a real authentic , looking pro paintball or nerf battlefeild shed type of look, go by some aluminium sheet metal, then nail it (its not that hard to peirce with a nail), and wallpaper the outer walls of the cubby house with aluminium sheet metal. you could get this stuff at custom lengths and sizes at the hardware store rather cheaply.
now go look up some cool paintball shed or hideout graffiti, and remake that on the sheet metal, also put some bio harzard stickers and stuff like that randomly on the cubby house, making sure the surface remains smooth.

now, not only is it a war barrak of a cubby houe that looks like a pro paintball hideaway shed, but also the entire hitable surface will now be smooth thus meaning all darts will almost indefinately stick to the walls, exept where the nails have been put in, which reminds me, only use 6 nails per sheet, also use alot of adhesive to join it to the sides, and lastly, get the largest sizes you can to reduce the amount of corners and sides on the sheet metal once on the cubby house to lower the risk of cutting ones self on it, though this can often be avoided by painting over those gaps and corners with a dense glue or fller like silicon glue.

lastly, for a good nerf war, you will need two cubby houses or a cubby house and a large barrack, or wall, for the enimy to fire from.
a large semicircle "tent" like shelter like you would see on air bases for storing planes, should be made for your opposition with lots of holes in it to both see you and shoot you without being directly out in the open, though only 1 or 2 should be made as a nerf war is no fun without hittin the opposition.
also ensure theres plenty of storage area in both forts so theres an elongated battle with lots of avalible ammo.

also i would recomend constructing a fort using these which are perfect for fort construction, that will last forever and yet can be dismatnled, now these arent exactly like what you need but they operate in the same way, by interlocking, anyways, go find these and youll have whatever shape fort youll ever want, also keep in mind there are seperate lengths of these for making any shaped cubby house, for fortress, also onc built, these things look like forts on theyre own,
hope i helped :D