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what are some fun easy cheap chemical reactions Answered

i was wondering about the things that i can do with easy to obtain chemicals like gasoline. im in high school and dont have a job its a small town and i dont have anything to do after school im not stupid and i dont want to bite off more than i can chew so i want to know about easy things with household chemicals



9 years ago

thanx- i appreciate the advice and warnings-really. im not interested in blowing myself up, so i apprecaite the "lectures" and stuff. ill bear in mind ur advice and start small and safe


9 years ago

Oh it hurts when I hear people say I have nothing to do.

Instructables if FULL of things to do as is the web in general your not trying.

I note most people assumed the question was asking for explosive devices, Generally not a good idea, even Draino sprayed everywhere is unpleasant and dangerous, That's not to say you should do dangerous things but some times you need to think it through.

These may get you started.


If you have something in mind there may well be free materials around you can use once people know what you are thinking about.

Jack A Lopez

9 years ago

Hmmm... Easy to obtain ingredients? 

Do you have water?  Do you have electricity?

Well maybe it's a little bit disingenuous to say those are the only ingredients you need for some kind of electrochemistry project.  The other  ingredients are, of course,  electrode and electrolyte materials, and wires and stuff...

The following projects/topics all fall under the category of electrochemistry:
  • electrolysis of water to make hydrogen and oxygen
  • homemade batteries and fuel cells
  • electroplating
  • other stuff

Joe Martin

9 years ago

Rainbow fizz! Simple and easy to obtain chemicals with a pleasing result.


9 years ago

hydrogen peroxide and yeast- it warms up, bubbles up, but it gets veeeeeerrrrrrrryyyyyyyy stinky.
      the all famous vinegar and baking soda.
      make a bomb using toilet bowl cleaner and aluminium foil balls, shooken up inside a plastic soda bottel.


9 years ago

There is a ton of stuff on this site that is cheap and simple. Look at what others have done and follow their instructions/warnings carefully. There is plenty of fun to be had. Steer away from easily flammable fuels like methylated spirits and gasoline, there are better reactions to create than boring old fire.
To be serious for a moment, be careful with stuff if you don't really know what the end result will be (the definition of an experiment). Start small, do it outside away from everyone, use personal safety gear. I've seen the big fiery ball, but the death part was pretty slow.
Sorry about the lecture, stay alive and have fun.


9 years ago

 vinegar and baking soda :P


9 years ago

Like Kiteman said, skip the gasoline. One big ball of fiery death is much like another anyway. Other, safer reactions are more fun to play with.
Make a soda bottle rocket or race car that runs on baking soda & vinegar or Mentos and Diet Coke. Heck, do both and see which one works better. 
Settle the neverending debate about whether hair spray or carburator spray makes better spud gun fuel.
Make color-changing beverages using red cabbage juice and baking soda to gross out your friends when they find out what's in it.


9 years ago

Firstly, there are no safe home experiments that use gasoline.

Secondly, did you try using the search tool?