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what are some good tie designers to look out for in thrift shops? Answered

I recently found a fabio fazio handmade silk tie in a thrift shop where i live and was wondering if anyone knew any good designers i might see in thrift shops? I am thinking on selling ties part time and this is why I ask because i want to know the money making designers.


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6 years ago

If folk knew what ties to look for, they would all be doing this.

What you need to do is to find some sort of reference of designer ties (google is your friend), and be willing to put in the legwork to find them.

You should not restrict yourself to designers, though. Buy up any ties you think might sell - look at fashion websites, watch what is being worn in the street, and buy up anything that might sell. "Vintage" is as saleable as "designer".

Also, think about buying distinctive fabrics - new or vintage - and making your own ties. After all, why rely on the names of other designers, when yours could be the name people look for?