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what are some techniques on how to walk quickly or even run with out making any noise? Answered




9 years ago

Step with the hells first and you should probably get nike airs witch are extremely quiet

bdunni88death defyer

Answer 10 years ago

umm.....don't put your heals down at all, lean forward and run on yourtoes absorbing the shock.


10 years ago

when i go hunting sometimes you stalk an animal or just want to get to your stand quietly so you walk a certain way. ok so i think it would be easiest to explain it if you split the foot into quadrants- so do that. (split the foot into quadrants from a birds eye view or from looking down on it(aka not with the sole of the foot facing up)). when you lower your foot on your stride the first part to touch the ground is quadrant 4 or the quadrant that is on the outside heel. the next part that touches is quadrant 1 which is the outside of the upper half of the foot (the half with the toes on it). then the remaining quadrants (2 and 3) touch the ground at the same time. one you have quadrants 1 and 4 down you kind of roll your foot inwards so the rest of the foot is on the ground. this technique will let you move quickly and quietly (though you won't be able t run doing this).