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what are the best fiberglass boat hull cleaning ideas? Answered

Just purchased an older Rinell inboard boat. Hull is fiberglass and in very nice shape but i want to clean and polish it before shutting down for the winter. It is on a trailer and will be stored under a tarp for the winter.
With sooo many products on the market can someone with experience tell me which product will clean up the hull and what product to then wax it with.
Thank you in advance.



9 years ago

Talk somebody else into doing it for you?


9 years ago

Meguiars Marine and Mother's marine both make a range of fiberglass products but for winter strorage, any good quality carnauba wax will work just fine.


9 years ago

I know it';s not what you want to hear, but I'd suggest looking into some of the watercraft enthusiast websites for info related to your new "toy". (said loosely, no offense intended)

Personally, I can't help you. don't own one, but hopefully what I said above will help you ferret out a bevy of tips and tricks for the boat owner.