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what are the importance of night lamps? Answered

please i want to know the benefits one can get when using night lamps that are operated with batteries Or the problems encountered without night lamps in the home or offices



10 years ago

There are many stubbed toes from not using them. When you sleep with a night-light ON it is said (dont quote me, but there is research) that your eyes do not signal your brain to produce enough melatonin, a key hormone in regulating your sleep cycle. It affects the circadian rhythm (natural sleep pattern that follows the sun day/night schedule). The lack of melatonin means you may fall asleep but you are less likely to fall into deep sleep where you experience REM.


Answer 10 years ago

The main use I've seen for them is in households with kids or with frequent guests, to light the hallway for midnight trips to the bathroom or just to reassure a kid who isn't sure she's comfortable in a fully darkened room. And to make sure the adults don't trip over some toy the kid left in the hallway. In other words: Unimportant, but occasionally useful... but I can't see any good reason for battery-powered ones unless you need one somewhere that you Really Can't just plug into an outlet.