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what are the pros and cons of pit bulls? Answered

i love pit bulls but we have cats. i know that a lot of the bad things people say about pit bulls are false and i have a large backyard and perfect for a dog. but i would like 2 know all i can about pits bulls.


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11 years ago

Pro: They're dogs.
Con: They're dogs. I prefer cats, and I consider the litterbox one of the great inventions of the past century.

Con: They're ugly.
Pro: They're ugly enough that some folks think they're cute.

Major con: Finding one which has been bred to be a good pet, rather than to meet someone's fantasies of a fighting dog, may be tough. I would *STRONGLY* suggest dealing only with a reputable breeder in this case. (Pit bulls aren't unique in this; there was a period where German shepherds were also overbred to the point of being damaged.)