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what can I do with a que!fire 12x10x32x cd rw drive without cords? Answered

I showed it to a friend and was given it as a gift without connection cords or power cords.



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11 years ago

You can just throw it in your computer if you need another drive. It's probably IDE, IDE refers to a type of cable used to connect computer components such as hard drives and optical drives, it's a flat, typically gray cable with rectanguar black ports in several places on it. Generally a computer will have an IDE cable inside connecting optical/hard drives, and these have 2 usable ports. So just put in it your drive bay, screw it in, and connect the rectangular IDE cable to corresponding port on the drive, and find a 4-pin power connector coming out of your power supply to use (4 pin "molex" power connectors have a red and a yellow wire with two black ones in the middle). Plug that in to your drive as well and you're set. Also, you could make a laser cutter or something similar out of the laser in the drive, just be careful not to blind anyone. CD drives will also play music without being plugged into a physical computer, you just need a power source and a pair of speakers.