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what can I use for a steampunk tesla turbine? Answered

I would like to know so I can make one smaller than the one on the previous instructable


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Best Answer 8 years ago

Do you want your Tesla Turbine to actually work, or just look good?
If you want your Tesla Turbine to actually work, then you will have to decide:

1.) Will it be powered by compressed air, or water pressure, or rocket fuel, or what? Low pressure (<40 psi) or high pressure( 80-100 + psi) ?

2.) A case will need to be built to contain the above-mentioned pressure, and with a nozzle to speed up the flow into the turbine, and an outlet at the centre. The case size will depend on the size of the discs selected. You mentioned a smaller turbine, so perhaps 2 inch or 3 inch size would be good.

3.) You will need to use a shaft and bearings to get power out. It could be a shaft with skateboard bearings, or a CD player motor can act both as a generator, and has a shaft with a bearing. I made a bicycle generator work in a similar way as a generator for the turbine. Or, you can use a magnetic coupling, like in all of my Tesla turbine instructables.

Brass or copper pipe would look great for a steampunk Tesla turbine. End caps could screw on or be soldered on, with a big brass pipe outlet. ( check out the outlet on this TT instructable, https://www.instructables.com/id/Tesla-CD-Turbine-With-Scary-Steampunk-Laser-Pumpki/

You could use the smaller-sized Mini-CD's (2.4 to 3.1 in) as discs. I made stronger custom-sized 2 inch stainless discs by getting them cut out of .020 tool stainless by a water-jet place. They were about 3 to 5 bucks each to do. I made a clear polycarbonate case for them, again cut by water-jet.

Let me know if you want more advice!