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what can i do with this old tablet screen? Answered

i have salvaged an old lcd screen from a velocity micro cruz t301. it has a 60 pin ribbon cable connector. is there any way i can use this to connect it to rca cables?


Josehf Murchison

6 years ago

Yes get the data sheet and you can even connect it to Arduino.

You need to match the + and – volts data inputs clock and other things.

They all basically work the same way it is just the connections you need to work out.



6 years ago

Because the screen needs a video driver - If you don't have that you will need to design and make one, more than likely involving a microprocessor and some programming.

usually this isn't really very practical.

Getting the screen is the easy bit. IF they were easy to use you would find project all over the place to re use them for many things. BUT there isn't - for a very good reason.