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what did/does homebrew do to the nintendo wii? Answered

i sent my wii in to nintendo to get fixed because i my games didnt play the way they should after i used homebrew.


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10 years ago

The Wii homebrew installer is a simple piece of software that will alter the way your Nintendo Wii functions dramatically. The main purpose of the Wii Homebrew Installer is to disable the copy protection of the Nintendo Wii so you can boot copied/backed-up games without restriction. However, the Wii homebrew installer also adds a range of new features to your Wii Wii HomeBrew Installer
Circumvent copy protection
Run copied games
Make copies of original Nintendo Wii games
Install homebrew applications – such as emulators Enables playback of DVD’s Watch DivX/XviD videos and movies
Automated installation

i got that from here

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