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what different ozonator,ozone generator and ion negative? Answered

 Dear All..
Please help me to know :
what different between  ozonator,ozone generator and ion negative.( how much idea voltage for use in home)
Thank you in advance.



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Best Answer 9 years ago

About Ozone,   Not a Triboelectric compound.
O3 has a half life of about 30 min.
OSHA does not get involved until you get 100 Lbs of it.
In your body it acts like CO Carbon Monoxide.  That means it grabs a
blood cell and wont let go of it,  decreasing your breathing efficiency for
a half hour.   A hundred pounds of it would end your breathing altogether.

Ozone is activated oxygen.  I make ozone machines to get the smell
of recent fire ( including cigarette smell ) out of bedrooms and
restaurant fish odors. The O3 basically finishes the burning process
non-exothermic and that  is why we no longer can smell dinosaurs
flatulent :-)

The gas disperses fairly rapidly and with the short half life you are safe.
You would be breathing fractions of a gram the nose is very sensitive to ozone.
Nobody has died from lightning caused ozone yet.
The gas is used to replace chlorination of water in Hotubs and large factories.

Hospitals used the clear UV fluorescent tubes ( another generator of ozone )
mounted above eye level to disinfect air-born germs years ago.

There are people with the disease of asthma that react badly to the
tiniest odor of Ozone. You can use them as detectors :-)


Answer 9 years ago

Dear iceng. .. Thank you so much for your helpful.
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Answer 9 years ago

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