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what does a #131 error mean on an Msntv 2 receiver? Answered

Recently I picked up an Msntv 2 at a local goodwill, and when I took it home and tried to power it up, nothing happened. When I opened it up, I saw that two capacitors, both 470uf 16v low esr, had blown. After ordering the caps on ebay and waiting two weeks, they finally arrived. Today I attempted to replace the capacitors with my 40 watt soldering iron, which turned out to be quite a challenge, so I guess i need a more powerfull one in the future. I thought that I had totally destroyed the board connections on all four holes for both the capacitors by the time I had finished soldering, but nevertheless I plugged it in and this time it powered on but went to a green screen that said there was a problem with my receiver and gave me the error code #131. Because it powers on now, I kn ow that at least one of the capacitors works. I have a couiple of questions now to help determine my next move. First, can i check the capacitors by simply checking for voltage with a voltmeter? second, What does an error code 131 even mean? Third, could the error be because I dont have the msntv service? any help would be appreciated!

Edit: I just checked the capacitors with a voltmeter, and they had a voltage on them so i dont think that that is the problem. Could it be a problem with the compact flash card where the files are stored?


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Jack A Lopez
Jack A Lopez

8 years ago

I think I found a possible solution for your green-screen-#131-error, here:

Although I am not sure what you plan on doing with this box.  From what little I have read about this thing, like here,
this box seems to be a turd through and through, bad hardware (as you've already discovered), bad software, bad customer support, bad everything.

I have also read rumors of people replacing the bios with something that can load linux.  This trick involves some kind of technical stuff, like building/finding a special serial cable for to do the re-flash the bios, and the page linked below has the gritty details for this:

Regarding the capacitors, I am guessing/hoping those are part of the power supply, and also guessing/hoping  the fact that you are getting a cogent error message of any kind, indicates the power supply is working now.