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what fruit seeds can you germinate in michigan? Answered

i really want to grow fuit in my backyard but i dont know which fruits can grow in michigan.


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Best Answer 9 years ago

Grow them in tubs and pots and when it gets cold move them to somewhere better protected. then you can grow pretty much what you like.

Aim for temperate climate plants

All fruit trees - apple pear etc.
Black berry
Blue berry
Black current
Red current Goosberry
Brown Figs (will stand frost)
Citrus if you keep indoors or under glass in winter.


9 years ago

I'd suggest contacting your local plant nurseries, and/or your County Agricultural Extension Agent, to find out what they'd recommend for your specific location. There's undoubtedly a wide range of possible choices, but trying to guess is probably not productive.

Remember, germinating -- and even growing -- is only the first step. The real question is going to be which plants will actually flower and fruit in your location. That involves climate zone, but also (and maybe more importantly) soil and light. For example, I have a tomato bush which is growing happily but may not bear fruit because it's getting just barely enough light and may not be able to come up with enough energy to fruit without killing itself.. There's also the question of what plants your local insects will pollinate, or what will bear fruit without that assistance.

For what it's worth, I've got currants, an apple tree, a cherry tree, a viburnum bush (sometimes called "highbush cranberry" though it isn't actually related to cranberries). Growing wild in the area we've got grape vines (which don't often fruit but the leaves are perfectly usable for dolmas) and mulberry bushes. Some plants usually thought of as ornamental also produce edible fruit -- I've got firethorn and barberry bushes. I can't actually take credit for any of this except the tomato plant; the rest came with the house or is wild volunteers.