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what happens if i use 50% cotton/50% polyester t-shirt to make tie dye? Answered

i have a bunch of 50% cotton/50% polyester t-shirts that i would like to make tie dye. is that a bad thing? does it have to be 100% cotton t-shirts? what happens if i tie dye them?




Best Answer 10 years ago

The dye won't "take" as well (that is, be as effective at permanently coloring the fabric) as it would with 100% cotton fabric, especially if it's a dye formulated for cotton. If you can find a dye mixed for cotton/poly or synthetic blends in general, you'll get better results.

That said, you'd probably get at passable-to-pretty-good results with a dye intended for cotton, especially if you're going for light pastels rather than rich jewel tones. Do a trial run* with one shirt (or just a piece of the shirt fabric) and see what happens.

(*be sure to wear gloves if you don't want to dye your hands, too :)