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what high torque servo should i use to control steering on go-kart i'm automating? Answered

I have an old go-kart which i'm teaching to drive itself using the kinect but I need a servo to control the steering. I know I need something hight torque but anything specific i'm not too sure on. any help choosing a type of servo or specifications on the one I should get would be greatly appreciated



7 years ago

Sounds like what you need is a servo linear actuator. I presume you don't have to actually turn the steering wheel for as long as the tie rods pull the wheels in the right directions. If you use a linear actuator, you can eliminate the rack and pinion mechanism. Something like these:


These are not cheap!

Good luck with your project! Stay safe.


7 years ago

You don't need a servo you need a large motor. If you have ever seen the show Myth Busters they turn cars in to RCs all the time. Often there rigs use a good sized motor with a small bike gear on it and mount it above or below the steering wheel. Then they use a large bike gear on the steering wheel and a bike chain to link the gears.

Will you be using 12V from one of the golf cart batteries or will you be powering the system off another battery?

This motor would do the trick and might even be overkill. Not really sure but i figure an motor with 1/4 horse power should be able to steer a golf cart.