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what is a cheap alternative to an expensive animation desk? Answered

I'm looking into animation tables and supplies but they all seem so expensive, I was wondering if there was a cheaper alternative.


dungeon runner

9 years ago

But what if he doesn't want to do stop-motion? Basically what you need for traditional 2D animation is a lightbox. A lightbox shines a light through a clear plastic face so that the animator can see though several pieces of paper and map out the changes in the picture. The easiest way is with plexiglass, but it's a little hard to find (You might be able to salvage it from an old projector) . Basically anything hard, flat and transparent will work. Use your imagination.

The actual box can be made pretty easily. Wood works best, if you're experienced working with it. I've used just a really sturdy cardboard box before. The light can be either just a cheap booklight or a stonger light, like the kind used in desk lamps (Just don't use an actual lightbulb. You want to animate, not go blind.). Good luck.