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what is a good site to download javascript programming language Answered

I'm trying to find a site where I can download javascript but when ever I look it up only java comes up or a shady site that doesn't end up being a real download site I'm kind of new to programing and I don't know where to find it, Thanks. 


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4 years ago

I have no problem finding official sites with code examples and tutorials.
Maybe you should use the right terms in the search engine?

Apart from that you won't find much in terms of programs that will help you.
Start from the basics with easy examples and work your way up.
Makes no sense to get a program and try to understand it if you don't know the language.


Answer 4 years ago

That's how I started my first ML, took me 6 mos to understand a rolling shift led.

All in a 256 bit total program memory.

The next uP took only 3 weeks to learn.. Then the Z8 took 3 days.

Now I still make a living programing...