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what is shawn mendes phone number? Answered

i really need his number so i have somebody to talk to



3 years ago

Two things not to do:

1. Bottle things up. If you have a problem that you cannot solve, and issue that you cannot handle, then get it out in the open - even a little thing can eat away at you if you leave it to fester.

2. Expect a celebrity** to help. His words might speak to you, resonate with your situation, but they were written for a million people, not just you. You will not be the only fan trying to get in touch, and the best you can really expect is enough of his time to shake a hand or sign an autograph.

If you have a real problem, in real life, talk to a real person. If you do not yet feel able to talk to family or friends about your problem, the very worst thing you can do is talk to a celebrity who has no idea you even exist. Talk to a doctor, a counsellor, a teacher, or even call a crisis line*.

You're new here, and haven't explored the full potential of the site - scroll to the top of the page, and type something, anything, into the search box at the very top of the page. Start reading, start planning; Making stuff is one of the best individual therapies available. If you have questions about the site in general, explore the forums, and ask questions of the people you see around the most. For a big site, there's a family feel here, with as wide a mix of people as any other family.


Even if you are not considering suicide, they are good listeners and can point you to the right organisation for your particular situation.

**I had to Google to find out who "Shawn Mendes" is. I guess I'm old.


Answer 3 years ago

oh well sorry you should hear him sing on youtube or on vine cause you know that is where he started before youtube i would know i looked on vine


5 weeks ago

Hi my name is Samantha Ramirez,
Shawn Mendes is my favorite celebrity bc he is kind hearted person I know!! He is sweet to his fans and I love his songs!!


3 years ago

Only kind of talk here, is text talk..

Try the forums, if you are an interesting raconteur...