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what is so hard about charging a lithium ion battery? Answered

i am making a wind turbine charge my cell phone. my design will use a hand made wind turbine using an electric motor. hooked upto a 5v voltage regulator. with some capacitors. if it is putting out 5v i know it will charge right? i heard of batteries messing up.
 i will constantly monitor the phone too see when it is charged..according to my phones battery indicator



Best Answer 7 years ago

Phones, as steve said, usually contain their own charging circuitry. But lithium batteries, when they do not have charge circuitry, are very finicky. They will quickly heat up and expand when overcharged. A large overcharge will explode the battery (search lipo explosion on google). Thus, the batteries require extra circuits to keep from overcharging. Also, the batteries do contain some potential to not function if severely undercharged- thus the charging circuitry for undercharging too.


7 years ago

Your phone has all the necessary charging electronics built in, so there is no problem.

Unrestricted "charging" of Lion batteries can cause them to explode !