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what is subscirbing? Answered



Mr. Muggle

Best Answer 9 years ago

subscribing to people is making their new stuff show up on your homepage on instructables.

When you subscribe to people their newest creations show up on your homepage on instructables so that you can always follow the actions of your favorite members.

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Mr. Stealth

10 years ago

Well, SUBSCRIBING to a person enables you to see what a person has posted. When you subscribe to someone, the minute they post a instructable, it shows up on your home page and tells you that they've posted. Subscribing helps to be aware of your favorite instructable members and when they post something. You usually subscribe to someone when you like their instructable want to see when they post something else. This applies to every site. By the way, welcome to Instructables.com!

TheDunkisMr. Stealth

Answer 10 years ago

Adding on to what KS forgot to mention. It's not limited to just instructables. Slideshows, forum topics, and possibly questions (although I'm not sure about that) will show up. If you have your email feature turned on then you will be notified that one of those has been created by whoever you subscribed to by email as well. You'll also show up in that person's subscriber section which I don't know about everyone else but it makes me happy to see.