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what is the best thing to shoot a bow and arrow in to and how can you build a stand to hold it? Answered

i have a paper target but if i shoot at that the arrow will keep going  so i need something to but behind it that wont be to hard. NOT WOOD


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11 years ago

The best thing is a real archery round, which is a dense foam object, and which is usually large enough to catch your misses.

If you can't afford one... I've known people to use stacked hay bales. Or even to stuff plastic grocery bags with other plastic grocery bags to create a firm ball, tie them off, and stack those up. There's more risk of the arrow blowing through these than through a proper target round, but at least they're not likely to damage the arrow when it hits and they will _usually_ stop it.

Reminder: NEVER shoot a bow unless there is absolutely nothing behind the target that you would object to hitting, and never draw unless the arrow is pointed down-range. An arrow can easily go 300 feet and still hit with considerable force, even with a relatively light-weight bow.