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what is the best type of wire for coil guns? Answered

I've been planning on making a coil gun for a while, I've got around 25 capacitors and the charger circuits, but i'm unsure as to what type of wire i should use, i know that the thinner the wire and the closer the winds are the stronger the electromagnetic pull but what is the best type of wire?

any help would be appreciated

p.s i plan to make a coil gun grappling hook launcher


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10 years ago

You could use magnetic wire or 22 gauge but you might not be able to coil it tight enough to get a strong enough magnetic field with the 22 gauge. The advantage of magnet wire is that its diameter is so small that you can wrap it really tightly (more turns per length) and increase the strength of the magnetic field and thus the acceleration of whatever you're propelling with the coil. I hope i helped you.