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What is the best way to connect small copper wires? Answered

Not best as in most expensive, best as in least likely to short or detach. The easier, and/or cheaper, the better. What I mean by small wires is the copper wires you would in hobby d/c motors, or buzzers. thanks :)



9 years ago

Note that solder is NOT recommended for house wiring. For those wires, the usually required technique is to twist the two wires tightly together and then twist a "wire not" over the junction. The wire nut both holds them tightly together (reinforcing the twist) and insulates the joint. A well-made wire-nut joint can be pretty close to airtight. (But as always, before modifying your house you may want to check the local building codes. They're a nuisance, but they exist to keep you -- and your family, your guests, and the next person to own the house -- safe. For example, most areas have rules limiting how many wires can come together in a single wire-nut junction; if you need more than that you need to move some of them to a second junction. Most areas also have rules regarding the maximum number of connections that can be made inside a single standard junction box.)