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what is the best way to cook grouper? Answered

they are 8oz filets.



10 years ago

I find one of the best ways to cook fish in general is wrapped in foil as it stays moist and brings out the individual flavour of the fish. The fast instruction is: place fish on foil, add butter and seasoning, wrap it up, cook in oven on 180 degrees Celsius for about 20-30 min. And here is my (long winded instruction) of what you do: Pre-heat oven (see below) Take a piece of kitchen foil that is double the length of your fillets (or whole fish - but please gut and clean it first). Lay the foil on your bench/table with the shiny side up (this will cook it faster), lay your fish-fillet length-wise in the middle. Add a little butter, about 1/2 a teaspoon, on top. I also put about a pinch of salt, a little pepper and garlic powder (or granules or fresh). But if you are after 'pure, clean taste' of the particular fish, leave the garlic out. Now you need to wrap it so it's sealed. I hope I can describe it well enough without pictures. Starting position: In front of you, you should have a 'rectangle' of foil, that is longer right to left. Take the side of foil closest to you and the one furtherest away from you and get them meeting in the middle above the fish (and thereby wrapping the fish in one direction forming a tube). Carefully fold the two sides over each other x2. It is as if you are rolling / folding the two sides away from you and they roll 'into each other'. You should end up with a 'tube' of foil, 'seam' up top and fish inside the tube. Now flatten the right side of the tube and roll it from the end up and towards the fish, not too tight. Repeat the same for the left side. You should end up with a parcel of foil, seam up top and rolled up sides either side. If my foil folding instructions just don't make any sense, simply gather the corners and sides of the foil together above the fish and carefully twist or scrunch together to make as sealed a parcel as you can manage. Place your parcel / parcels on a shallow tray (in case there is any leakage) and put into pre-heated oven. Cooking: Pre-heat the oven. In my current oven, I have it on 180 degrees Celsius and leave the fish in for 20 - 40 min depending on thickness of fish. (Note, I find it hard giving specific cooking times as I found huge differences depending on the oven you use and the thickness of the fish / fillet. The most successful trick I can give you is: if in doubt, use a lower temperature and cook it for longer.) You can also put your parcel on the Barbecue, but careful not to rip the foil. Place parcel onto plate and open it in reverse order to wrapping it up. You should have gently cooked, moist fish resting in its own juice. Great with potatoes or rice. For more adventurous parcels, add things like sliced tomatoes, sliced lemon or lime, chopped spring onion, a little mustard, a little soy-sauce, sprouts, courgettes, sautéed mushrooms, herbs, or even curry of your choice. etc etc Enjoy!!!