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what is the cheapest and easyest way to paint the hood of my truck? Answered

I got an old dodge truck and the paint on the hood is fading. i need to sand it primer it paint it and put on a clear coat, but that stuff is sooo expensive



10 years ago

Buy two spray-cans of rust paint (rustoleum, corrostop) in any available color. Buy at least one spray-can of compatible primer. At Walmart or another large chain, this should total less than $20. Sandpaper is not expensive, but you'll need a few sheets of each grit so stock up. A power sander, if available will make the job 1000 times easier. A cheap one can be had for $15-30. This is usually a store-brand or budget brand, and often kind of junky, but it should last long enough for this job. Once you have the gear: -Sand down to the existing primer. Start with rough sandpaper and work your way up to 320 or greater grit. I'd go up to 600 grit, and I've seen others break out the polisher at that point and give it a dry buffing. 320 is probably enough though. The aim is, of course, to get a smooth, even surface. -Fill in any dents and scratches with body filler. Grind or sand down any ridges. -Cover up everything else and start spraying primer. Read the can and pay attention to the recommended distance from the object to be painted is. -Lightly sand a second time with just the highest grit from before. Now might be a good time to dry-buff. - Apply repeated coats of colored paint. -Sand. -Add a sealer intended for metals or leave it as is.