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what is the difference between trade mark and copyright? Answered

title says the first question but also i want to know where and what i would do to establish a company name and also where i could get a patent and what a patent protects you from in terms of copying because i have a very broad motorized skateboard idea and want to know if its even worth getting it patented since there would be tons of ways to probably get around it 


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Best Answer 8 years ago

A trademark is on a logo, name etc.

A copyright is on art, writing, music etc.

A patent is on a process, method, physical article etc.

You can't patent and idea for a thing, you have to create the thing to patent it.

You don't have to have a company name to get a patent.  But you can create a company name just by calling yourself the name.  There are legal means of protecting that name.  Get business papers in that name like checks, letterheads, pay taxes under that name.  You can file for an assumed name cert. which you should do since it's a legal way of marking when you started using that name.  You can incorporate with the state where you plan to operate your business but that costs at least 1K$ in Texas where I live and you have to file tax forms every 3 months.


8 years ago

Once you have a patent ( which must describe your novelty and how to
make it to any Tom, Dick, or Harry in the business ) it is up to you to
make thievery of your novelty stop with legal action and
that costs you money.

So a patent is a hunting license not protection for you.

A trademark must be registered as your company property,
like the Golden-Arches

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