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what is the premium price for upgrade ? Answered

what is the premium price for upgrade



Yorkshire Lass

2 years ago

I'm guessing you mean for upgrading your account to a premium/pro account. It's not very easy to find the relevant page, but its here:


icengYorkshire Lass

Answer 2 years ago

Hi Lass, Just to help https://www.instructables.com/account/gopro

simply press return after paste and it becomes a jump pointer...

Still extraordinary looking is your evening bag....

BTW Bourbonman, every bottom page has a jumper to gift a pro membership which can be you...

EvenigBag Exraordiair.jpg
icengYorkshire Lass

Answer 2 years ago

So I went to your home page and left-button mouse over your URL on top.

Release the left-button and right-click to bring up a selection box, click copy.

Then come back here and position the cursor where you want the URL and right click to bring that selection box, click paste


see above, then press return on your keyboard


And you should see a blue version which will turn red when you click

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Tim 2630iceng

Reply 8 months ago

I'm using a smartphone and I don't have a right button to click. I was able a couple years ago to make a shortcut to an instructable on how to make fleece socks out of a blanket. That is how I get to instructables now but I would like to be able to make a shortcut 2 The Second Story access Project for the ALS patient. I simply can't find a way to do it without being a premium member, and our household budget simply has no extra cash. Since I don't have a computer, how could I do that shortcut without joining premium if at all possible? Thanks so much for all the great ideas. I am a hacker from my childhood.