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what is the price range for 3D printing? Answered

for non-commercial projects, what is the price range for 3D printing services. (ie: something as small as coffee mug, something the size of a mannequin)



7 years ago

Depends a lot as Steve says:

Material, Resolution, Amount of work done to produce the CAD files, size of the product, time taken to plot, Size of the company doing it.

You really need to ask a supplier - I suggest with something fairly concrete in mind:

What i would say is that the process is slow, at lower levels does not produce a good finish (it can at a cost) and for the most part for a prototype you would be better off and faster building with more traditional methods unless your product is VERY complicated.

CNC machines can produce much of what rapid prototyping machines can make often in more suitable manufacturing materials.

It has a place but IMHO isn't the be all and end all. i think people who in general have a low level of skill and knowledge these days are bewitched by the "startrek replicator" image.


7 years ago

It depends on the process, and the volume.