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what is this connector for? Answered

quite recently ive been dabbling a bit in the world of LCDs, and when i had my laptop apart i noticed this connector on the back of the screen, next to the video input connector.

i had seen the same connector before on some desktop LCD's, and just passed it off as a testing connection of some sort, but then i saw it again in my laptop and now im curious.

what is the purpose of this connector? is it a seperate type of video input? or is it simply a testing connection?
ive seen it on 3 LCDs so far, two of them identical desktop ones. none of them are labeled with anything, same as the video input connections.


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9 years ago

Presumably, either some other kind of input, or testing during manufacturing...


Answer 9 years ago

well i contacted samsung and they offered to replace the monitor the screen came from, so im guessing theyre not gonna tell me..
the last resort is tracing the lines back to the main control ic and find a pinout.