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what is wrong with my sound in windows media player? Answered

i am using utorrent and have downloaded movies. now when i go to watch them on wmp the video works but the sound is like r2d2 is talking. its all chopping and sounds like a robot. i downloaded windows movie maker and it plays fine on there but i cant get it to work on wmp.



8 years ago

Get VLC dude... it's so much better than wmp.


8 years ago

it could be codecs-
or it could be another problem.

have you ever had any problems EVER when playing music? (ie the music is lagging or being choppy)

if so i suggest you get VLC PLayer, since WMP uses a fair bit of system resources.

the above is only a solution if the codecs arent the problem.


8 years ago

There is a free program called AVIcodec that will analyze the file and tell you what codec you need to have to play it.



Answer 8 years ago

No, its a small file so you don't need a torrent program. Just download the program and then tell it what file you want it to analyze. If you click on the download link for the US it takes you to here :
which is the server they use,

The program adds itself to the right click options so all you do is right click on a media file and select the AVIcodec option and it will do it all automatically.


8 years ago

Sounds like you don't have the right codec installed. I can't tell you which one you need though. You'll have to figure that out yourself or maybe some else has had the same issue, and resolved it, and can tell you what's missing.