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what kind of silicone (or similar) for non-slip mod to cases (or most anything) Answered

Alright, I recently purchased a cheap silicone case for my new iPod, and it doesn't have the non-slip feature that the one on my old iPod (which got stolen) had. I really liked that, since it didn't slide around on the seat next to me while driving, so I could reach over and change the song without endangering myself and others.

I was thinking of making an instructable on making any kind of case non-slip by adding a glue- or caulk-like silicone to the back of the case that can come in (or at least be modified to be ) any color.
My plan is to give the old Tron-like lines to the case, to add non-slip functionality, but also to look cool (and cyberpunk).

My question is, what kind of silicone (or like substance) would that be possible with? I'm assuming it would be able to last the life of the iPod, because a temporary mod (like perhaps one using creepy-crawlers mix or something of that sort would seem to be) would just not be practical.


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Doctor What
Doctor What

11 years ago

I have used a rubbery spray before.  It was originally used as a sealant for exposed wire, but when dry it provided the perfect rubbery non slip surface.

Unfortunately, I cannot remember what it is called.....  (bad memory)

It worked wonders on my wii.