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what motor should i get PLEASE HELP? Answered

For science fair, i need to make a car for a 'king of the hill' type thing
I need 2 motors (one for each back wheel) that can get me up the hill relatively quickly.
The maximum power source i'm allowed is two nine volt batteries at one time (i can switch out dead ones in between runs)
The hill is 40 inches in height and the ramp leading to the top of the hill is eight feet long
The motors need to have a driveshaft sticking out about 1-2 inches for the wheels to fit on
I'm not allowed to use remote control but i've devised a way so that the car will stop, regardless of what the motor is.
I have plenty links to websites, i just dont know which one to get, if someone could point one or a few out for me that'd be great (please below $15 per motor)
Help would be GREATLY appreciated

I'm told by multiple friends that solarbotics.com is a GREAT resource

edit: my car will weigh about 1 -1.5 pounds



8 years ago

OK here it is.. Fifth item down on the below page
is a $7.95 Gear Motor
3-12VDC 4RPM . Draws just 15mA no-load and stalls at 200mA. Output is via a 1/2" dia x 1/2" long sprocketed shaft.


8 years ago

What was wrong with the answers from the last time you asked the question ?