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what netbooks can run minecraft? Answered

i have a samsung n250 plus rightow, and i want minecraft like heck. i am using laserbeams laptop to play the beta righht now, but i really want to pplay it on my netbook. will my samsung n250 plus run minecraft smoothly without any lag?

EDIT: i am building a custom pc now, used only to run minecraft and run it well.
besides, when you know how, do! also i have too much time on my hands and the game itself is good enough =D



Best Answer 8 years ago

Go to the store and look at Minecraft's box, or go to its website, and check the stated Requirements. That will tell you what the authors think the machine needs in order to deliver minimum acceptable playability.

Then check those specs against those of the netbook.

I don't know whether netbooks have graphic accelerators. If they don't, there are a lot of games they aren't going to be able to keep up with.

Netbooks tend to be underpowered by today's standards, since they aren't intended to be anyone's primary machine and are more concerned about portability and battery life than performance. Good luck.


8 years ago

Who knows? The best way I know to find out is to download a copy of the free demo and try it. Then burn to a disk and take to the store and and test it on the store's display models. See if one of them works.
You can get the free demo HERE



8 years ago

Best (=cheapest) answer is to try it.

If you're happy, fine. If you're not happy, then upgrade.