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what rc bomber can i use for paintball? Answered

I wanted to know what interferance free type of paintball bomber that is remote controled,can do at least 20 drops with paint greandes like the tippman big boy, that can be shot down with a paintball gun,repaired easily after shot down, can be used to view through the personal computer or tv to fly with sights to aim and costs the cheapest yet still has perfect of  quality, durblity and proformence.i also need to it to be very quiet



Best Answer 7 years ago

First off any plane capable of carrying the weight of 20 paint grenades is not going to be cheap, or small, or quiet. This leaves blimps but I doubt they would be able to absorb a hit from a paintball with out catastrophic damage.

You need to decide what is most important, cost, durability, performance, payload size, or noise. You can't have them all so you should list them in order of importance.


Answer 7 years ago

+1 Indeed.

We got an RC helicopter for video work, and I can tell you it wasn't cheap, not when you want something that's "very quiet".

Like bwrussell said, you need to decide what's the most important. As soon as you start looking at something that's quiet, durable, and has good performance you are looking at something that's probably more expensive than you want to pay. Adding the ability to view the RC's path through a computer or TV is adding more components, more weight and definitely MORE money.