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what should i do? Answered

me and my girlfriend started goin out the last week of school, and we stayed together for almost a month until she found out i was cheating on her then she broke up with in the middle of our summer break then school started back a couple weeks ago we got back together last week... she used to talk to my besfriend during the summer and tell him eveything and eh told me everything she said then i find out she was cheating on me to... she told me that he was lying and i believed her until h showed me all the messages she had sent him... i have not said anything about it to her yet but idk what to do??? is our relationship going to last??? if so for how long???



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10 years ago

hate to say it, man, but any girl that will cheat on you, break up wit u for cheating on her, then when u get back together she lies and says your best friend was lieing about the whole thing, even wen theres alot of proof otherwise, really isnt good girlfriend material. of course, you may not be either, seeing as how you cheated on her, but at least you can admit it. kudos to your courage.