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what should i do with a tick once i've caught it? Answered

today, my two sisters and I went to the scout camp with my mom's friend, just so we could take a few pictures of it for some business stuff. My two sisters and i took a very short hike through the bushes, and since the scout camp isn't used to often in the middle of the summer, it had tall grass. Unfortunately, I got a tick, but I did not notice (i think it was on my pants or something.) I know i got the tick there, because there is no ticks at my house, and i was only outside at my house for about half an hour (yes, i'm a couch potato). However, at the end of the day i found the tick on my leg. it hadn't bit me, it was just crawling around. I now have it in an old superglue container, so it shouldn't be able to escape. but what should i do with it; release it, or kill it?

P.S. it's either a wood tick, or a deer tick. It's the smaller of the two, but i forget which is which.




Best Answer 8 years ago

If it, or another, *might* have bitten you, it's worth asking your doctor about whether there's a serious tick-carried disease in that area and whether it's worth having the tick tested to determine whether you might have been infected.

I believe deer ticks are the smaller of those two types, and they're the ones which are most likely to be a disease threat where _I_ live, but I may be confused and/or your region may be different.

Ask the doctor, not teh interwebz.