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what to make my girlfriend and she is more of a tomboy she hates pink and skirts are a no-no she likes camping and mountain dew (she's a cutter so don't suggest knives) PLEASE HELP Answered

so i'm making somthing for my Girlfriend but don't know what she likes music and and camping and mountain dew and duct tape those are mainly it so please help?



8 years ago

Check out stuff from the Duct Tape contest. Or just go for a basic duct-tape wallet - they're classic.


8 years ago

A hammock?

Duct tape sun-hat?

Duct tape bandoleer for snacks and drink bottles?

Paracord stuff - survival bracelets etc.


8 years ago

How about a duct tape backpack with a Mountain Dew two liter water bottle camelback and a pouch to hold her MP3 player so she can camp and listen to music and stay hydrated all in one gift. You could even make a Altoids tin first aid kit for when she's in one of those moods.


Reply 8 years ago

great Idea dude except i am terrable wit long pieces of ducttape But i might just do that!