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what type of plastic do I need to make a hair drier? Answered

I am trying to make a prototype of a hair blow drier and needs to establish the exact materials I require... i.e. the specific materials. Please help?


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11 years ago

Without knowing the exact parameters (such as temperature, volume of mold, projected costs, efficiency factors, acceptable coefficients of expansion, projected length, estimated usage cycle, acceptable resistance to torsion forces, projected volume per unit time of air flow, acceptable weight restrictions, pre-engineered component size, planned physical layout,...) exact material designation is not possible. Are you planning on milling? Injection molding? Casting? Fabricating? Extruding? Screws? Sonic welding? Solvent bonding? Using an adhesive? Vacuum forming? Surface molding? Using off the shelf components? Creating a manufacturing plan? One off? High or low end? Designing for efficiency or marketing? Proof of concept?