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what was the name of the harry potter parody that had proffessor stumblebum , as a mockup of dumbledor? Answered

after watching potter puppet pals, i rememberd breifly watching a parody of harry potter on a show that was on air a a little while before thank god your here was first being airs which was a few years back.
anyway, this show made spoofs of lord of the rings, all in a simila  fashion to than god your here, but only slightly.

in this show, there was harry potter, and the scene i saw, was profesor dumbledor falling down the stairs, with someone going "proffesor stumblebum, are you ok?".

and thats all i can remember.
does anyone know the name of the show im talking about?
perhaps it may have actually have been an earlier version of thank god your here, ifso, does anyone know the episode number?


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Best Answer 9 years ago

From google: "A collection of Harry Potter sketches on the Australian comedy show Big Bite. It was based online suduko game on Harry Potter play suduko online and the Chamber of Secrets, and included such characters as Haggis, Professor Stumblebum, and Mailman, Mailboy's father (the two print suduko Malfoys)."


Answer 9 years ago

thankyou, it was exactly what i was looking for.
10 points for you!