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whats in your stick bag? Answered

im just wonderin
mine has:
a few pares of zildjian travis barker and adrian young sticks
marching sticks
old, crappy sticks held together with duct tape
zildjian brushs
grip tape
practis pad
drum keys


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10 years ago

I have one "heavy" pair of sticks for when I want to play loud and hard. I have one "thinner" pair for my jazz licks and fast stickwork with more subtleties. Tho my heavies can do this too I find it easier to switch grips on the fly and am able to vary the bounce on them in order to make my closed rolls sound more unique. I have a pair of brushes and a mallet. My heavies have wooden tips and my lights have nylon tips. I think tip choice is all about the drummers preference but the difference in sound that comes from either is quite miniscule. Tho I do find that the nylon tips are more "crisp" sounding. Tho they are easier to chip and or break if you are going really heavy on the cymbals.


11 years ago

Mine has strings, snippers, a pad and pen, and a few assorted tools...then again, I'm a guitarist :)

I'd suggest that you add a small notepad and pen or pencil. Always nice to have something handy...