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whats makes a power amp in a car stereo skip ? it sounds like a short circuit but i cant find any loose wires? Answered



7 years ago

Monitor the voltage at the amplifier (the 12 volts). Note when the "skip" occurs, and if the power entering the amp is holding steady or is it fluctuating low? Possibly, you used too thin of wire to wire the power amp to the battery, or you have a corroded connection? If you fiddle with the unit in a logical way, then the symptoms will lead you to the source of the problem.


7 years ago

Is it skipping on a CD ?
The look ahead memory is not getting enough audio into the buffer
before the pickup is slammed.  Are u a hard tire rough ridin type Bloke ?

Of course, if we had some history on the car stereo with a no name and how often it circuit shorts, does it happen more at start of driving ? ?

Does it happen when standing still ? engine on or engine off ?
Is it actually in a car ?

You seek answer, You got give info !