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whats next (updated) Answered

ok i bough this knex lot on ebay.com for $42 and it comes with tons of stuff and below is what it has from the bid. take a look.

This weighs OVER 20 pounds and we stored them in a Almost full, 64 quart Rubbermaid container (not included) LOTS AND LOTS!! Some of the pieces included are from rare and older sets, some of the pieces/sets are from the early 1990's.

In the pictures is a 2 liter of soda, for size reference, not included.
One picture is of the lot together, one is of the instructions included from front and top to see thickness, and one is of the motors and zip pull car included.

There are 3 motors included in this lot;
*one is a big alien(?) head, that i don't know what it is or what its from, but its a blue head & a big black power box & 2 additional motors that are all attached to the head with wires. I am unsure if this works, (untested) because i don't know what it is supposed to do, it does take batteries and as far as i can tell, it does not use a power cord.

*One large grey one, takes batteries and does work, it measures about 6 inches long, 2 inches wide, 2 1/2 inches tall and goes forward and reverse and slow and fast, this come with batteries in it and can be used for ANYTHING! Cars, farris wheel, swings, anything your little ones hands can make!

*another motor is the motor that came with the Farris wheel and/or roller coaster set, one of those, it is untested because the power cord box is missing from it, but it is a typical power box plug that is needed. worked last time my kids built a farris wheel ;0)

Several Wheels
I did not go through and inventory them all, because there are alot! But it does appear that they are all in pairs. There are 4 BIG monster truck wheels with rims (complete set) and there are medium wheels and small wheels that all share the same rims, there are also skinny wheels for like dragster type or motorcycle vehicals. and more!

A zip-pull racer car, speedster!
One red zip-pull racer car body, with pull, used for building a car or racer around and then insert the zip pull above the wheel and when you pull it out really fast the car takes off!!! No batteries required and it works!! (And there are instructions for this in here also.)

Lots of gears!
Lots of sticks in various colors and sizes!
Lots of plugs and rings, or end pieces for stabalizing and holding
Several fans or flat pieces, (i.e. for a windmill or spoiler on cars etc)
A few bendable pieces to make arches and turns
2 bodies for making people
Several caps and tops and 'balls' for building different things
Rubber bands for Racers and gears (instructions included)

Instructions are for;
(instructions are not in the best conditions, some have been ripped and taped back together, and some are missing small corner pieces, and have folds in them, but they are not missing pages as far as i can tell)
*Rubber Band Racers (no model number on booklet)
*Breakaway Speedsters 11524/21524
*Street scorchers 11127
*Safari Fun Set 11558/69815
*Intermediate set 50015 and some loose various pages that may have been from another book/set that was simular or more advanced are inside this book also.
*4X speedsters 3 10315/69948
*Knex motor pack instructions for use (for the motor that is missing the AC adapter, says it uses
input 120 volts AC 60Hz 12 watts, output 12 volts DC 500 mA adapter.) and there is a costumer service number on it to order replacments, so that may still be available.
*Zoo 10 models building set 31009
*Vehicles 10 models building set 31008
*All terrain trekker builds 3 models set (uses the big gray battery motor) 13501/23505
*Roller Coaster instructions Loop Version 63030
(I do not recall us having this roller coaster set and did not see any 'rail' pieces in this mess of Knex, but I did see some 'chain' pieces and gears, most of the set looks like the normal pieces, with exception of the top rails.)
*AND also some advertising booklets that came with the sets that show additonal sets,
the kids kept them and would use them to copy the pictures and build from them.
*I do Not have instructions for that big head thing...I really do not know where we got it...??? But it is K'nex brand.

All the instructions included are Awesome to have, because thats what usally gets lost, However, this lot does not included all the sets i have instructions for, and the ones I do have are probably not complete. Most of the instructions though can be used with any Knex pieces, I am just saying if you seperated them all out according to the instructions you will not have complete sets, and some pieces may not be there at all. These are used and were loved by my boys and some pieces were mine when I was younger and are 18+years old. I did not notice any broken pieces left in this lot, but there are A LOT of knex so there may be some, the few I did noticed i took out and threw away.

but i was wornding what should i bulid but im make a list

ossr by dj radio
cirle ball machine by iac
scar11.01 and morriti and Park 52 knex sniper by the burrito master
iac's knex heavy cannon
box,nano,duex by darth trainman
crank by smilee
dos,project n,uno by the jamalam
Lithium by the knex weasle
micro by cfcubed
this is not well know so it has link Ultimate Simplicity https://www.instructables.com/id/Ultimate-Simplicity/
project 1: relentless,Project 2: Aggresor by tombuckey
The Storm 223 V1.3 knex gun
Knex Tavor TAR-21 by maxxium


Mr. Cowboy

9 years ago

If your posting all those books your gonna have fun


9 years ago

i'll see what i can do for the instructions, i don't know if i have them any more, sorry.

do you think you can get me a pic of the controler? this didnt have one so im gonna buy one and make it work with this


9 years ago

Um i didn't post my ball machine.


9 years ago

Did you really get all this for just forty dollars? Lucky! Only the motors are probably worth that when they are in the stores. I wish I had that grey engine too, my engine sucks. I should look around on Ebay (or marktplaats, Dutch variant) too.

About that alien head: I know what it is. It is from a set my friend had before he selled all his knex. It is from a remote controlled robot. The two electric motors (the blue and the red) are also part of that set: with them you could make your robot do a lot of stuff.

DJ Radio

9 years ago

I wish I had some. Btw, how did OSSR work for you?


its great(evean though i hate oodammo) very far range i made it a little longer and i got 120ft and it went in a box


well oodamma is fake he didnt make it and if i make a ammo people will be like who cares and if one of the bigger bulders make some copied ammo its a hit


no, he did make it, I dont think there has been a gun out there that used oodammo before oodalumps made it.

TigerNodDJ Radio

Reply 9 years ago

The problem with oodammo is that it is so simple that everyone could steal it.


lol i could make it so good that i would have a sub(not really) but it would be better cuse of all the motors i have (1 standered motor and 1 standered motor with long cord and cyber motor a blue motor a green motor a burnout rc racer motor and now these motors)


9 years ago

The robot head comes with this set. Its controlled with a remote controller I think. (I dont have its on my wanted list :d)

agent harmsy

9 years ago

Congrats on the ATT (all terrain trekker) motor, it's the best you can get for k'nex :D:D The alien head is (i think) programmable, kinda like lego mindstorms.