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whats should i buy my nephew a ps3 or a xbox 360? Answered


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Best Answer 11 years ago

Find out what his friends have. If they, particularly his best friend, has one or the other, then get your nephew the same.
That way, he'll have a buddy to share games, game time and tricks with.


11 years ago

Note:  I have a ps3...

They are in my opinion on par for gameplay - both have good exclusive/multiplayform titles.

PS3 doesn't cost monthly to play online, but is less feature-rich (voicemail etc) - over the last few years they've crammed a lot more features into it.  The xbox has a larger userbase, at least in America.

PS3 and xbox both have a good 'cheap game' ~$10 arcade with fun small games.  Both marketplaces support credit card or points cards from retailers (if he's a young kid he'll need the cards to buy stuff).  I don't know about in the 360 marketplace, but if you buy a game online (psn) with ps3 store, you can share it among a total of 5 ps3 units (with your account credentials) - dont share them online with strangers.  This means if you have end up with 4 or 5 close friends or people in your house with ps3 units, they can all play the same copy of the same game for the price of one.  Sharing with other people's units is not legitemate by the terms of service for ps3 - but if you own the ps3s its legitemate - thus; they don't police it.

PS3 is arguably the best blu-ray player on the market.  May or may not be important to you.  As a media player, both are suitable for HD content, but I lean toward the ps3 for network/hidef content.  360 really did a lot of upgrades recently with adding a good media player to the box.

It's much easier to pirate games for 360, but also equally easy to get permenantly banned from live for any modification to the console.  Thus far its practically impossible to pirate games for ps3 - if thats your flavour.

The ps3 consumes 250-300 watts of power.  the 360 consumes less, but is also a less powerful archetecture, so its reasonable.  If you live in a cold climate, buy a ps3 - it will heat your house :D

360 controllers take AA batteries or a battery pack.  PS3 controllers have a permanent lithium battery like a cel phone.  Both charge with a usb cable.    360 hard drive and memory cards are rather expensive and proprietary (but now it works with external usb drives/thumbdrives).  PS3 uses a standard laptop hdd for upgrades - and supports external usb 'anything' for storage.

I can't think of much else...Do you like white/charcoal grey - or piano black?  thems your options.

As burf says; what their friends have is a huge deciding factor - its a pain trying to coordinate who has what system to play.


Answer 11 years ago

 i didnt feel like reading all that so ... no