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whats so hard about charging liithium ion batteries? Answered

i am charging my cellphone. its an android. the charger for it says the output is 5v 700 mA.
i am using a  wind turbine or solar panel or both connected to a 5v regulator. and some capacitors.
should work right?
i will keep a close eye on the phone checking the phones battery indicator to see when it is completely charged to avoid overcharge


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Best Answer 8 years ago

If set up properly and regulated well enough to offer a consistent 5V your wind turbine should have no problem charging your phone. Also assuming the system if offering enough amperage for the charge circuit to begin charging.


8 years ago

They aren't hard to charge just fragile and liable to do things you don't want like burst into flames if charged too quickly or over charged etc.

I doubt your wind turbine will have enough control over the output for this idea to work.