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whats the best way to care for scratched chrome on a motorbike? Answered

had my first fall today :( ended up scratching the exhaust...whats the best way to clean it up?
im riding a yamaha xvs dragstar
any additional information such as best way to keep the bike buffed/polished and generally clean and rust free will be much apreciated


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Best Answer 9 years ago

Generally, the same products you use for an automobile work equally well on motorbikes. Be sure to use the proper products for the type of finish, use products approved for plastics on plastic parts, products for acrylic finishes need acrylic approved products and so on. "Mothers'" and "McGuires'" are good brands sold in the U.S.
I prefer polishes that are based on carnauba wax but there are very good alternates available, too. Read the label instructions and follow them and you will keep your bike looking nice and shiny.
For scratches on chrome, get a good automotive chrome polish and apply liberally with a lot of elbow grease. In any case, if the chrome plate is scratched completely through, its permanent unless you have the piece replated.
You can think of the scratches as old war wounds, every veteran will have a few.