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what's the best way to put led's on an RC? Answered

i want to put leds on my rc car. I would like to know what is the best way to do it and not have to many wires or switches.



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11 years ago

Hmm... Actually putting them on and driving them isn't really an issue, but I'd ask where you want to use them, how many you want to use, what the power of the LED(s) are, and whether they will be turned on and off using an RC channel... For instance, if it's headlamps, using 3.6V white 20mA LEDs, and if the headlamps will be manually operated, then it's as simple as connecting into your ?9.6V? battery , adding a limit resistor and switch, then running out to your leds. You can get fancier and replace the limit resistor with a v-regulator or I-regulator, but for such a trivial circuit it'd be easier to just use the limit resistor.